Thursday, August 27, 2009

XMPP web demo update

Yesterday was a big day, I got over 100 visitors on my blog, and many of you have registered and tried the demo. Was it because of me posting about demo on and Anyway, thank you all for taking time and trying, I have gotten strong motivation to keep up with XMPP topic because of your interest.

Couple of things that I wanted to mention: first, some of newly registered users seemed to drop out really quick. I'm guessing that was because they weren't able to see much action from the demo. I should have explained that if you have small number of subscriptions, chances are you'd have to wait for few minutes before seeing any data update. That's because the update generator chooses one station at a time every 15 seconds, so if you have only couple stations chosen, it'd take in average about 2 mins for updates to show up, given there are currently 17 stations total. So the hint is, if you want a real entertainment, subscribe at least to 8-9 stations, then you'll see it all rolling full speed.
There are also few cases where people dropped out not even finishing registration (initial greeting from Jabber still sits there for such accounts). I would be curious to know, what had happened there? Was it a slow script, browser crash or something else? I'd appreciate any feedback you could give.
And speaking about feedback, you can now easily send a message to a friendly support team (that would be me) from within demo! Just click the button on Support panel and submit the 2-field form, I'll be sure to read and respond. Note that all this done with Javascript one-liner, I didn't have to touch any of server code, all that goodness given for free by ejabberd and Strophe.


  1. Came from

    Found your posts very interesting and am excited for more. However, I cannot get the demo to run.

    "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at"

  2. Probably a firewall issue on your side...port 8000 is wide open. Try instead, I have enabled port 80 for weazard, so it should work.